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 Posted: Jun 4 2014, 01:01 PM

the rules


    First and foremost, be kind, be friendly. Rudeness and hostility will not be tolerated under any circumstances, and will result in your being banned. Love makes the world go 'round!


    Plagiarism is disrespectful the author, other roleplayers, and the site. So don't do it! You will be banned and you will be reported to major skinning sites as well as our affiliates.


    Our board is rated M for Mature. However, we do have young roleplayers on our site (as well as older roleplayers who may be uncomfortable with explicit content), so please put warnings on any threads containing mature content.


    We are a quality, not quantity site. That being said, we expect you to do your personal best when it comes to writing. As a roleplayer, nothing is more disappointing than putting a lot of effort into a post, and getting only a few lines in response! Logistically, posts on OUAC should be in third person and past tense.


    This is a big one. We will have activity checks every other month, though this is subject to change depending on activity. Try to post at least once a week. Making someone wait two weeks for a post without warning them beforehand is disrespectful! If you miss the activity check, your characters and claims will be up for grabs. Absence notices will be taken into consideration.


    Don’t power play unless you have explicit permission. And your character is not a god who can win every fight!


    We have none! However we ask that you wait at least two weeks, and that your current characters have at least one active thread, before you create a new character. We do not have a gender ratio, but be aware that the admins may place temporary bans on either gender at their discretion.


    Signatures must not stretch the board or exceed 500px500p. Please stick to one signature per character. Profile pictures must be 250x400p. We have many gifted graphic artists on OUAC, so if you aren't so graphically inclined, just ask for help! Gifs resize automatically, but to prevent squish look for one that's rectangular. If you need help, just ask an admin! Jerrick also does soem spiffy work with graphics, so if you want somethin fancy goin' on, throw him a PM!

Made by CHRISTO.@CAUTION 2.0. Steal and a giant swarm of vampire bats that contain a deadly virus will come and swoop into your room when you are sleeping and bite you. :3
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