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 lockwood, kelsie r., miller's daughter | 17 | sasha pieterse
 Posted: Nov 24 2015, 04:25 AM

kelsie r. lockwood
E or I?

Extravert (E):
-A preference for focusing their energy outward e.g. interacting with the outside world by talking to others or taking actions and interacting with their surroundings
- A preference for formulating their thoughts as they talk out loud to other people without having completely polished thoughts beforehand
- A need to interact with others a lot to feel fulfilled and balanced
- Kelsie, like most people, likes to have the occasional alone moment. She prefers to surround herself with people, though. Days go by feeling empty and unfinished if Kelsie doesn't interact with her friends in person and she goes to sleep restless and craving human interaction. She's a talker, life of the party, and prefers to be the center of attention. Of course she's interested in her friends' lives, she just really likes to talk about her own.

N or S?

Intuitive (N):
- Someone who prefers to use interpretations of information they receive from the 5 senses - e.g. possibilities of what these things could be, their theoretical usage, and what they relate to (Ne), or what these things symbolically represent and will become in the future (Ni)
- A preference for discussing theoretical, abstract, symbolic topics
- A preference to understand the global, overall picture before getting into the details
- Kelsie doesn't think in small steps or about immediate outcomes. She sees her world in large pictures and final outcomes. Everything is an abstract theory meant to be discussed, but not picked over into tiny little details. Over analyses stresses her out and she gets anxious and restless when things take forever to happen because someone is nitpicking every possible decision.

F or T?

Feeling (F):
- A preference for making decisions based on what is morally just, personal ethics (Fi) or keeping social harmony (Fe)
- MBTI Feelers can be logical, think empirically, and not act emotional
- Someone who may be dramatic, animated, sweet, and nice.
- Kelsie is all about social status, the status quo, if you will. Everything social must be just right and in harmony or everything is wrong and awful. Kelsie is intuitively well versed in various social situations and knows how to interact with and read people. She is sensitive to the feelings of her friends and is quick to pick up on when they're feeling sad or hurt. Now, she won't necessarily act on it, but that's different.

J or P?

Judging (J):
- To others, maybe seem to prefer a planned or orderly way of life
- Having a dominant extraverted judging function.
- Kelsie wants everyone to think her life is well put together. Everything needs to seem perfect and orderly, even though half the time in her head she's just kind of going with whatever gets thrown her way. A queen bee needs to seem like she has an organized head on her shoulders, right?

ENFJ: accommodating people (Fe) to make connections (Ni) about the world (Se) via analysis (Ti).

let's take a trip to sunset boulevard in the city of stars / the city of blinding lights and starry eyes / i said now welcome to the city of angels

kelsie grew up in malibu, california, a stereotypical west coast city. everything was fast paced and materialistic; even as a little girl kelsie was self conscious about what toys she had when friends came over. thankfully, her twin brother kyle couldn't ever judge her (or else she would just cry and claim that he beat her up and he'd be put in timeout) and it also helped that he didn't want to play with barbies. their father worked for a large company and was a higher up, meaning that mom got to stay home and kelsie and kyle got whatever they wanted. growing up near the beach, kelsie learned to love nature and was always found in tide pools searching for little sea creatures. she also had a brief obsession with mermaids and would make kyle throw sinking toys into their pool so she could practice her swimming. as they grew older, kelsie was enthralled with everything about malibu and was your stereotypical california girl. looking back on her days before she knew gossip girl and the east coast, kelsie is quite embarrassed about how she acted and how much hollister she wore.

it's a new soundtrack i could dance to this beat, beat / forever more, the lights are so bright but they never blind me, me / welcome to new york, it's been waiting for you

in seventh grade, kelsie found the show gossip girl and instantly fell in love. she had to be serena van der woodsen (she was too california to ever truly be blair) and she had to move to new york city. of course, the latter wasn't totally possible because her dad kind of had a solid job in malibu. she got kyle hooked on the idea of new york, which wasn't hard because they spent so much of their time together and had similar interests. after doing some research, kelsie found baum academy and begged her parents for three months to let her and kyle go (she'd never move across the united states without her twin). them finally agreeing was the greatest news she had ever received, even better than when she was six and found out she was getting a white power wheels escalade. eighth grade couldn't go by fast enough, and soon kelsie found herself planning a dorm room (!!!) and shopping online for a whole new wardrobe, new york style.

i thought heaven can't help me now / nothing lasts forever, but this is gonna take me down

kelsie was finally at baum and everything was perfect. she was pretty and popular and peppy (thirty and flirty and thriving, anyone?). kyle lived all the way across campus, which was really difficult for kelsie, who was used to always having her brother within shouting distance. this was when she really turned into the dependent and extroverted person she is, always needing someone to validate herself. kyle's roommate was, in simple terms, a total hottie. kelsie had the biggest crush on him ever, and found herself hanging out more and more in kyle's room on the off chance chaz would be there. she hadn't come into her, um, boy confidence, yet, so the thought of just asserting herself and making a move was downright terrifying. so while that sucked, everything seemed to be perfect for the time being.

it started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this / it was only a kiss, it was only a kiss

one day, kelsie made her way over to kyle's because their mom had just sent her a funny video of their dog, bob (kelsie and kyle thought it would be funny to give the dog a human name) and she just had to show it to him. as she opened the door, she saw her brother kissing someone...a guy....chaz. it felt like she was moving through quicksand as she shouted and slammed the door; she couldn't get away fast enough. of course, chaz sweet talked her into thinking it was just some drunk dare or something. after that, kelsie was still incredibly unsure of her own twin and what had really happened, but chaz saying he liked her was a welcome distraction. after all, it's easy to lose yourself in a crush as a high school freshman. they got pretty serious, and kelsie just about forgot the kiss incident...until november rolled around. kyle had been acting weird and secretive, and kelsie was beginning to get suspicious that something was up. chaz invited the twins to thanksgiving and all she could focus on the way they were basically eye fucking. a jealous rage filled her and she just about exploded. both their parents and chaz's parents were furious and kelsie found herself being forcefully shipped out of new york. that probably hurt worse than her boyfriend and twin brother both betraying her, but only because she felt that it was unfair she had to leave for kyle's mistake. after that, the twins didn't talk or hang out much.

my chest hurts cause my heart keeps breaking / i'm so numb and i can't stop shaking and we all fall down ; frustration, desperation, you say i need some kind of medication

kelsie was miserable to be around after being dragged back to malibu. she became obsessed with image and social status, now acting as the nasty queen bee everyone feared to upset. she went through boys like she went through shoes, which was a lot. the two guys she'd held dearest had had no respect for her so she decided to have no respect for guys. relationships? what are those! there were rumors that the football team hated each other and would fight in practice because she was leading on a majority of the players. kelsie ignored kyle as much as she could, even when their parents forced her to go to a therapist. she was dissociating and felt miserable in malibu and wanted to go back to baum, even if it meant chaz was there.

i'm not loving you the way i wanted to / what i had to do, had to run from you / i'm in love with you, but the vibe is wrong / and that haunted me all the way home

after a while, kelsie started to come back to reality. even though she still had lingering feelings for chaz, which she realized was pointless and stupid and pathetic, kelsie was ready to let everything go. her mother sat her down one night, though, to tell her she was going back to baum. kelsie's parents were still concerned about her and felt they had done everything they could (they hadn't) to help, and felt that she was happiest in new york (briefly, until, you know, that eventful thanksgiving that the lockwoods refused to mention) with kyle so they were sending the twins back to baum to work out their issues. kelsie had a california drama queen meltdown, but eventually settled down. this could be good, couldn't it? after a few days of retail therapy (because of course), kelsie realized this could work out in her favor. she could pretend chaz didn't exist, or she could come back and bless his life with her presence and essentially fuck him over the way he did her. hm, yeah, what was it taylor swift said? "there's nothing i do better than revenge."
sully | eastern | sasha pieterse

 Posted: Dec 1 2015, 10:28 PM

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Yay! You've been accepted to Once Upon a City, and we are super excited to have you! If you haven't made your OOC account, you should probably do that pretty soon. Be sure to fill out your claims in the Canons, Face Claim, Character Index, Job Claim, Residency Claim, and Classes and Clubs (for students).
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