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 into the woods, #baumsquad
 Posted: Feb 22 2016, 01:12 PM

What this group of friends needed was time away from the drama-filled cesspool that was Baum Academy, and that's exactly what Nahnie was going to give them.

Her parents owned a patch of land on some campground not too far from NYC where they flew up to to vacation sometimes. Xavier and Nahnie had gotten that in the whole will battle thing, but they never really used it except when they needed to blow off steam. For Xavier, that mean smoke, and for Nahnie, that usually meant fireworks. But this time she was going to invite the whole Squad, and they were going to have some goddamn fun.

Needless to say, some people invited others, and now there were a shit ton of people sitting around the fire that were threatening the "goddamn fun" aspect of this weekend. For example, someone though it would be cool to invite Jackson, Grace, and Aurora. She had initially invited Aurora, being her moirail, but Andromeda had invtited Jackson and Grace in some last-ditch effort to get them back together. This was supposed to be drama free, dammit! But she wasn't going to say no. After all, Nahnie was... well, she had to admit, it would have been boring without drama. Fireworks only lasted so long.

So in a fashion unusual for Nahnie, she was throwing passive aggressive dagger-glances at Andromeda, who was already gettin shit-faced, obviously, and instinctively held Aurora's hand. No one was really talking, and the tension was super thick, and she hadn't unpacked the stereo yet, and it wasn't dark enough for fireworks.

Clearing her throat, she turned to Parker. "Yo, Parker. Give us something to sing along to. A campfire song or some shit." She also turned to Dahlia and newspaper girl. "Or you, tell us some creepy horror stories." Also, she turned to Stellar, who were being cute as ever but not cute enough to break the tension. "Or Stellar, do something cute and competetive. Somebody do something. Hell if I ever get told I throw a lame fucking party."

outfit β€’ #baumsquad β€’ <3

 Posted: Feb 24 2016, 05:13 PM

Parker was finally starting to feel like less and less of an outcast, less of a reject. He had never been part of a group at his old school, never really had a lot of friends. It wasn't a huge issue because he hadn't known what it felt like to be included before. Now at Baum, he was becoming friends with numerous people and on this amazing camping trip. Seriously, this was like a dream come true. As a kid he would occasionally sleep out in the backyard to look at the stars and imagine he lived somewhere else with a different family. Stella told him that counted as camping experience, thank god.

His hammock was already set up between two trees near the fire, ready to be relaxed in. Parker, however, was sitting on a log next to Penelope, idly picking at strings on his guitar as he listened to everyone talk. Of course, Parker tried to look absentminded as he sat there because punk, but on the inside he was buzzing with energy. So many friends, everyone chilling around a dope ass fire. Well, chilling probably wasn't the right word. More like....warming around a fire. Grace had pulled out a bag of marshmallows and was passing them around to everyone. As the bag passed by, Parker grabbed a marshmallow and popped it in his mouth. S'mores would be nice, but he couldn't have his fingers getting sticky what with his guitar and oh boy was he messy with s'mores.

After fielding requests to play "Wonderwall"--"Don't worry Pellie, I'll play it soon I guess...I'd probably have to look up chords because I definitely don't know those hahaha...."--Parker was just itching to play something and make everyone listen to him, mwahaha his evil plan. He would subject everyone to cool campfire music! When Nahnie suggested he play something, Parker lit up like a Christmas tree. "Hell yeah!" After mulling over some song choices, Parker began strumming an A chord and singing:

"Where it began I can't begin to knowin'
But then I know it's growing strong
Was in the spring
And spring became the summer
Who'd have believed you'd come along"

Parker looked at Penelope and smiled, and then looked around at everyone and felt his eyes lingering on Aurora. Whoa dude, okay,back to the song what was that about haha....Anyways. Parker got more into the chords and strumming as the chorus came around, hoping people would sing along. Like, cmon, who didn't love this classic??

"Hands, touching hands
Reaching out, touching me, touching you
Sweet Caroline, bah bah bah
Good times never seemed so good."

The good times really didn't seem so good. Friends gathered around the campfire, everyone looking happy. Surely there would be no drama tonight.

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 Posted: Feb 24 2016, 05:51 PM

Penelope was SO EXCITED. When Nahnie invited her to the camping trip, she immediately said yes. Very loudly. In front of a lot of people. Almost as if she had been asked to prom or to get married (as if that would ever happen.) She thought she was going to be mad, but Nahnie just kind of patted her head with a smile, and shot a glare to all the people who were staring.

She didn't know who all was going, and would have likely forgotten had she been told, but once the final list was confirmed, she was so happy! She didn't think that it would be awkward at all. Sure, things would be tense, but not awkward!

As per usual, she was wrong.

Things were both tense and awkward. Well, Penelope felt awkward, and tried to focus on the fact that Parker was next to her strumming, and when Nahnie suggested he play something, she almost requested "Wonderwall". But it was too late, and he had already started playing. She had her guitar and her ukelele with her but she didn't want to interfere with Parker's thing. Plus, Parker played much better than she did.

"Wonderwall" wasn't even Penelope's favorite song, but it was kind of a thing between her and Parker. Among other things that she didn't really understand. But. Anyway! She had the bag of marshmellows courtesy of Grace and started humming along with "Sweet Caroline". She didn't notice where Parker's eyes were really lingering as she stuck the marshmallow onto a stick and put it over the fire. "Bah bah bah!" she sang along, not understanding when people didn't do the thing. "So good, so good, so good!"

This was so wonderful! Everyone was together and getting along and everything was going to be just great!! No drama!! Her friends were all friends, and that was the way she liked it. Especially considering her three best friends were there! Estie, Eddie, and Harper!!!!!!! Their reunion was absolutely the best thing that had happened this school year. Estie and Eddie for real dating was second in her mind. Holding Harper's hand (Parker's were busy strumming, so), she squeezed it, hoping she wasn't feeling strange. Parker and Harper were both knew and she didn't know how well they knew anyone, but Penelope invited her anyway, after getting a begrudging "fine" from Nahnie. Her and Estie and Harper could all make fun of Eddie together!!! Maybe even Andie and Nahnie too. Sorry, Eddie.

"Omg, I just remembered they played this at that one assembly way back in elementary school. Because of the principal? I don't remember, but... do you remember that?" she asked Harper, smiling and being the actual sunshine that she was.


haha :-)
 Posted: Feb 24 2016, 09:24 PM


Coming to Baum was easily the best decision Harper had made in her life. She was in charge of the newspaper, she was reunited with her bestie for the restie, and now she had been invited along on this great camping trip! Sure, it was hosted by Nahnie, the yearbook girl, but who cared? Harper was integrating herself in with a bunch of people and dammit she was gonna be the best new friend ever. Well, maybe not ever, because she knew Parker was also trying to wiggle his way in with everyone and she didn't want to overshadow him, but. The dude put up a chill, punk, exterior but Harper sensed he was really trying his best to fit in. No one was truly that laid back, honestly.

To be completely honest, camping wasn't really Harper's thing. Sure, the idea was appealing to her, otherwise she wouldn't have come, but she'd never been before and she was slightly convinced she was going to end up being bitten by a snake and die. Harper wasn't someone to turn anything down, though, so she was, of course, putting out 110 percent. In her bag she had a flashlight, backup batteries (who didn't use their phone flashlight though...that was kind of silly), some of that special paracord stuff, two portable phone chargers because Harper felt no shame in how much of a slave she was to her phone, hand warmers (she was always cold and also didn't have a guaranteed cuddle buddy thx Parker), snacks on snacks, a little bit of alcohol (-shrug-), and a first aid kit. She was hella fuckin' ready for camping, bring it on!

Harper wasn't sure how much people would be turning up since she was still kind of new to these people, so she had sneakily added some cinnamon whiskey to her Dr. Pepper and had been slowly sipping on it since they had finished setting up. She had a nice little buzz going, nothing too noticeable. Nothing that gave her a nice warm alcohol blanket, that's for sure. Harper considered putting the mitten part of her fingerless gloves on, but decided against it because that would mean she'd have to stop holding Pen's hand and she didn't particularly want to do that. Shameless friend crush, amirite? Also, marshmallows!! A bag was getting passed around and Harper stuck one in her mouth before grabbing a second and passing the bag along. Sticking the second one on the other side of her mouth, she grinned at Penelope and said, "chubby bunny!". She would do more but she didn't want to be greedy and steal all the marshmallows. Plus, things still had a little bit of an uneasy atmosphere and Harper had no idea how well a true chubby bunny would be received. Thank god for the sweet release from societal stress that alcohol could bring!

Parker began playing Sweet Caroline and Harper closed her eyes and hummed along for a bit. She really loved this song, but then again, who could resist the chorus?? Out of the corner of her eye she saw Parker shoot Penelope a grin as he sang "who'd have believed you'd come along?". No big deal, right? Penelope was just her friend, obviously, but Harper couldn't deny that she'd always felt weirdly jealous whenever she heard about Pen having a crush or anything like that. But there was no time for that! Harper could deny it no longer, shit would end up going down at some point, and she would be no part of it, thank you.

Harper turned to listen to Penelope, nodding along. "Yeah, yeah! I remember!! I think that was the first time I ever heard the song? I made my mom find it on one of her old CDs after school and play it for me because I loved the part where everyone yelled 'bah bah bah'. Annnnnd then I wouldn't stop yelling 'bah bah bah' like a freaking sheep for a month and everyone thought I was annoying." Harper shrugged. A lot of people got annoyed by her at some point, honestly; she could be a lot to handle. "You gotta promise you'll get your guitar out at some point, okay? I want to hear you play!" Harper nudged Penelope and gave her hand a little squeeze. Harper took a long sip of her little drink mixture and tried not to react to the actual fire in her throat (thanks fireball). These people could not think she was some super lush and/or a total lightweight who couldn't handle the burn of some alcohol. Harper made herself take a deep breath; there was no need to freak out trying to make sure these people liked her. They were friends with Penelope and she had been allowed to come along so, there wasn't an issue. Deep breaths, fam.

aurora m. rigby
 Posted: Feb 25 2016, 10:53 PM

Stargazing and s'mores.

That was what Aurora was there for and that was all she cared about. Spending time with friends and leaving the drama that had been ruining her life lately behind at school were obvious positives, but she was here to make up constellations, and enjoy sweet treats. It was all very reminiscent of her nights back in Fairfield, with Carson or Jackson and Carson or Aracelli and Carson, and for that reason alone, she couldn't ignore the painful squeeze on her heart. She could focus her attention on more important things, like fireworks with Nahnie or Parker playing music. Unfortunately, there were more people here than Aurora had expected. Grace and Jackson had somehow been invited, and Nellie's friend Harper who Aurora didn't know which shouldn't have made her nervous but did somehow, and oh right, Nellie was sat nex to Parker, and Andie was drinking already, and Aurora was sure this was the first time she'd met Ozzie in real life, and

To put things simply, it was a good thing Nahnie was holding her hand, because she could feel herself falling apart already. And the night had barely begun. The fire provided her a pleasant distraction as she kept her eyes pointedly directed on the flickering flames and glowing embers and welcoming the way she felt warm inside because of the heat. She was waiting for the moment she could slip away to find an open clearing, where there wouldn't be any trees blocking her view, where she could set up a blanket, and lay down, and have some time to herself. It felt like she was never alone anymore, as if there was always someone hovering over her shoulder, or listening in on her conversations. It made her uncomfortable every where she went, regrettably, and she just needed a few minutes on her own. That would have to wait, obviously, because she was sitting around a campfire with all her friends (and... others) and she couldn't just up and leave.

Nahnie speaking shook her from her reverie and Aurora looked up, letting her eyes adjust. The tension in the air was thick and she had foolishly thought if maybe she didn't acknowledge it, it would go away. The bag of marshmallows reached her but she passed it along without taking one, not too keen on letting go of Nahnie's hand. She made a few requests and Aurora waited to see who would react first. She wouldn't mind a creepy story or a song or some silly bet between Stella and Edgar. Anything was fine with her as long as it made this entire situation less awkward. Aurora had done a well enough job so far of not looking anywhere near Jackson, Grace, or Andie, but she was sure that wouldn't be an easy feat as the sun set lower. Conversation would (hopefully) start to flow between them all easily and she'd end up making eye contact with someone she didn't want to and the entire group would see it happen somehow and things would go downhill from there.

Aurora was probably unnecessarily freaking out.

Parker began to play a song and it took a moment for Aurora to recognize it. She sang along quietly, not sure if she wanted anybody to hear her. She'd grown up learning how to dance, not sing, and she'd always been self-conscious to sing aloud. "Bah, bah, bah," she could hear Nellie across the fire, and she tilted her head along with the lyrics, catching Parker's gaze for a second before he looked away, and Aurora found herself blushing. Feelings were definitely not anything she wanted to think about tonight so she squeezed Nahnie's hand to keep herself grounded. "How can I hurt when holding you," she sang, because it was her favorite line, and because she just really needed to catch a break tonight.

 Posted: Feb 25 2016, 11:39 PM

Jackson was going to murder Andie.

Not really, of course, but this was the closest he had ever come to it. Oh, a drama free weekend away from the school. A camping trip with a few cool people, it'll be totally fun!

He should have known better by now.

But no, he was still very, very irritated to find out that Grace and Aurora and Stelly were going to be there. As in, his "girlfriends" and the sister he had effectively disowned. Jackson knew full well that he was the source of the tension in the air, and it took everything he had not to jump over the fire and strangle Andie right there. But, as one of the few friends left that he hadn't pushed away in his Era of Fucking Everything Up, some part of him at least wanted to maintain a few relationships. Not to mention she was sitting next to Grace, drinking already, and that Ozzie probably wouldn't have been cool with it.

Clearly, this was an attempt on Andie's part to get him to actually deal with is issues. Which would ruin everyone's fun camping trip, and make him hated even more by everyone and himself, so no thanks. Nope.

Jackson passed on the marshmallows, muttering something about them not being kosher as an excuse. Really, he was just pissed off and trying very hard to let it go, so eating wasn't his focus at the moment. Plus, Grace had brought them, and though they were getting a little better, he just... It wasn't great having Aurora and Grace around the same campfire.

His fault entirely.

Hell if Jackson Horowitz was going to deal with drama like a goddamn normal human being.

"Well, this was fun, guys, but the smoke is blowing in my face." Had been for a while. "I think I'm gonna go sleep in that tree." Literally, he got up, scaled the tree with ease, and found a nice spot to nestle in. It was a shame because he and Ozzie spent like over a hour trying to put up a tent, but this tree was nice and comfy and far from drama. Far from alcohol that would make everything worse, far from the "few cool people."

Well, not that far. He could still hear everything that was going on, and still contributed to the thick tension in the group.

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 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 12:47 AM

i see our friends and they put on a show

Go camping they said. It'll be fun and drama free, they said. They, of course, meant Andie, and partly Ozzie. Initially, Grace had been very excited to go camping with a few friends. She was a little suspicious when Andie wouldn't tell her who was going, but, eh she didn't care much. Andie wouldn't put her in a bad or uncomfortable situation.

She should have known better.

On the way to the campsite, Andie had mentioned that she brought alcohol, which Grace wasn't surprised about. She was surprised, however, when Andie suggested that Grace go ahead and take some. "You know who you're talking to, right?" Grace had asked. Eventually, after much persuading, Grace agreed to claim a bottle of vodka. Andie said it would go well with the juice and sprite she had brought along and since Grace knew nothing about alcohol, she took Andie's word for it. The whole ride she could feel the bottle through her bag and a pit grew in her stomach. Andie and Ozzie always jokingly tried to corrupt her, sure, but Grace felt there was a reason for this.

To say there was tension was an understatement. Everyone else seemed to be mildly enjoying themselves, at least. Grace had gotten there to find out that she was camping with a lot of other people, which was fine, but all of those people included Jackson and Aurora. Right, the alcohol made sense now. As everyone sat around the fire making small talk, Grace did everything in her power to stay hyper focused on Andie and Ozzie, since she was sandwiched in-between them. It wasn't hard because Ozzie and Andie were always entertaining; Grace never thought she'd be so grateful for having comedic friends.

Being the overpacker and worrier and general mother hen that she was, Grace had brought a bunch of extra snacks and camping things for everyone. She started to pass around a large bag of marshmallows and pulled out some sticks in case anyone wanted to go ahead and roast one. Popping one on a stick for herself, Grace stuck her marshmallow in the fire and laughed as Harper did a mini "chubby bunny". Thank god, people were loosening up a bit. She wasn't doing much to help, but. Silence had become Grace's friend lately; she had made her peace with it, though, just as happy to observe everyone. Just as she noticed her marshmallow had caught fire, she happened to glance in Jackson's direction and she him pass the bag along. It was a petty thing to get upset about, but Grace was a little put off. Sighing, Grace blew out her marshmallow and waited a moment before eating it. Hot and gooey with a burnt shell, aka, perfection.

All of a sudden, Jackson began talking and Grace looked up, confused. Did he just say he was going to go a tree? Grace felt so exasperated, like she could just shake something, as Jackson went and climbed a freaking tree. Grace glanced at Andie and said, "Yeah, I'm gonna need that vodka now." Reaching into her bag, Grace pulled out the bottle of vodka and started pouring it into her cup of lemonade. "I don't know how much." Ozzie stopped her as he laughed; she had poured too much. Grace just shrugged; she didn't have time to care because if she stopped to think, she would realize just how un-Grace-like she was being and Andie was right, she needed the alcohol. Grace took a long swig of her drink, and then almost spit it back out. "Oh my god!" She sputtered as quietly as she could, fanning her face because holy crap it was on fire. "It burns!" She whispered, totally embarrassed by her overreaction. Cautiously, Grace took a small sip. Yep, still felt like she was drinking straight poison. Hell if it didn't do anything, though. As the alcohol made its way down, she felt warmth spread all the way to her toes, and Grace was glad she didn't come in tons of layers. This was about to be an interesting night.

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i guess that's just how it goes
 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 09:49 AM



pretend there are lyrics here im too fucking lazy to go find a song that fits honestly do any of you even read these lyrics anyway im just trying to fill up this space without going to copy the bee movie script or some shit which would be like andie level trolling but in any case that gif tho lmaooooo

Eddie felt out of place, which was strange because it seemed even Penelope, for that being her biggest character arc, seemed to fit in better than he did. Probably because she could blissfully ignore the tension. She wasn't sitting in between Jackson Horowitz and Stella Hines. She was so oblivious it was arguable whether or not she felt the tension that was as thick as... jelly. Okay, that was terrible, he deserved to be punched for that one, but there was no way he'd say that out loud.

Parker, he assumed, began playing "Sweet Caroline" before he could even challenge Stella to do anything, which would have been a lovely distraction from the fact that he was sitting between her and Jackson. Eddie wasn't completely in tune with all of the rumors and drama, apart from what Aurora and Stella told him, and he didn't really want to know if this was the outcome. He was of the opinion that Jackson needed to get his shit together, but unlike the rest of Baum, Eddie was good at staying in his lane. Apart from that one encounter in the library, where Eddie spoke his mind freely for once, he'd been staying out of it.

Now, however, he was right in the middle of it, and it had been too long since he had gotten a haircut, he didn't even really like marshmallows all that much, and he wanted to leave. Instead, he sat quietly, very close to his girlfriend (that was still strange to think about) (their arms were touching) and holding her hand, and looking up at the stars out of habit. Andie had given him trouble about bringing a tent with a mesh roof that was utterly transparent, but it's not like there would be anything to watch. Eddie liked looking up at the stars when he was outside, and it didn't happen too often. Plus, that was the only tent he had available.

His attention didn't turn back to the group until Grace was sputtering and he looked over, honestly... shocked. He didn't know Grace too well, but he knew she wasn't the type to drink, despite being Andie's roommate. Andie and Ozzie were both freaking out externally, but he contained his shock as he noticed Nahnie giving him a "you okay?" look from behind Stella and Aurora. Nodding subtley, he looked back up at the stars, minding his own business when he realized Jackson was gone.

Glancing behind him, he realized Jackson had really actually climbed up the tree. Jesus, what a child. The tension was slightly better, being as the cause of it wasn't so close to Stella now, but it was still pretty thick. He looked over at Stella, giving her a reassuring smile and squeezing her hand, even if she didn't need it. He just wanted her to know that he was there for her if this was too difficult, but would probably hold her back if she actually tried to fight someone.

stella r. hines
 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 11:00 AM

Stella was trying to keep tabs on everyone.

Harper was already drinking. Pennie was holding her hand. Grace looked as uncomfortable as Stella felt. Sienna seemed blissfully unaware of the tension surrounding the group. Stella guessed Dahlia was about ready to ghost the fuck out of here. Andie and Ozzie were probably already drunk. Parker had his guitar at the ready. Aurora and Nahnie were also holding hands and Stella thought Aurora might ditch the scene pretty soon given the look on her face (that may not have been as obvious to everyone one else as it was to Stella since she doubted anybody was paying as much attention). Jackson was on just the other side of Eddie and Stella kept trying to tell herself she didn't care, she didn't fucking care, and Eddie was sitting very close to her, holding her hand.

Stella liked holding Eddie's hand very much and she tried to focus on that for a little while. Being in crowds had never been an issue for her but, for whatever reason, she was feeling a little tense right now. "For whatever reason" being, obviously, the fact that her adopted big brother was sitting on the other side of her boyfriend and Stella had yet to say a word to him. After their fight (was it a fight? it was Stella being stupid, that much was clear to her, but fights seemed so permanent and that scared her), Stella hadn't said much to Jackson at all. The times they had to sit together were for writing assembly speeches, which didn't happen often, but were still awkward every time nonetheless. She just wished the seating arrangements were a little different, that was all. Why couldn't have Parker been next to Eddie, so she could have filmed a Damn Daniel and a What Are Those vine all in one go?

Stella reacted too slowly (what?????) to accept Nahnie's challenge which was unfortunate because 1) she had to stay sitting here and 2) she didn't even know the song Parker was playing. She went along with everybody else's "bah bah bah's" anyway. She was kind of cold, even though she was wearing a scarf, sweater, a flannel she had stolen from Eddie over that, and had one of his coats draped over her lap, and was as close to the fire as she could be. It was just going to be one of those nights, apparently. "I bet I can eat more s'mores than you," Stella said under her breath, noticing the bag of marshmallows making its rounds. Aurora laughed from beside her because Stella's "under her breath" was honestly the same as her normal tone. Before that could even be a thing, though, Jackson had gotten up and literally climbed a tree, and Grace was coughing on the other side of the fire. What the fuck?

She didn't realize how much she had needed Eddie's reassuring smile and when he squeezed her hand, she somehow felt ten times lighter. She smiled back at him, scooting closer if that were even possible, and speaking up after Parker had finished. "Alright, story time," she said, looking to Harper and Dahlia, and hoping that they wouldn't go #2Spooky with it.

 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 11:45 AM

Andie couldn't fucking believe it.

First of all, she had no idea why Alannah invited her. Did she want her land destroyed like that ship they had commandeered that one night forever ago when they agreed never to hang out again for the safety of humanity? She knew that there was a lot of regret coming from that direction now, but nothing a little rum couldn't just put off until tomorrow. Who was she kidding?

The night started out great, when they were all distracted by setting up camp. She laughed as Ozzie and Jackson tried to put together their tent, which took way too long but was still funny anyway. She told Stella her scarf looked stellar, which got her an eyeroll and a lesson in name etmyology from Genius, and she definitely filmed Parker with his white vans, damn Parkour, back at it again. She'd probably continue to do that, forgetting she already had, but it would still be funny.

Parker barely got through one song before Jackson peaced the fuck out away from his problems, and Andie really couldn't believe it. "Wow, way to be a no fun, Jackso-" she called, but was interrupted by Grace saying something, and when she turned to her, Grace was taking a huge drink before Andie could warn her.

It burned. It burned.

Andie couldn't help herself, she busted out laughing, falling back off of the cut tree trunk her, Grace, and Ozzie were sitting on. It looked like Ozzie was similarly freaking out, because suddenly she turned her head and there he was, also dying laughing. RIP Anzzie. She booped his nose one final time, letting out a soft "boop" sound effect, smiling and giggling to herself.

Eventually, she pulled herself together, taking another swig out of her bottle. She hadn't had anything to drink all day before they got to the campsite since she was in charge of driving their stuff there, which had all been packed into the bed of her dad's old truck that he was never sober enough to use. She could be responsible!!! Sometimes.

Ignoring the dagger glares Nahnie (and likely Aurora, after insulting Jackson, but she didn't care) kept flashing over at her, she got back up, and it looked like spooky homeless girl was about to tell them a ghost story. "Yaaas, spoopy stories," she said, shoving the s'more she had almost forgotten about into her mouth. It didn't taste that great with the Captain Morgan that she was drinking, but what the hell.

the chaos she caused
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 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 04:12 PM

Ozzie loved many things: food, the ocean, Andie, food, alcohol, traveling, the list went on and on. But man did he really fucking love camping with a bunch of friends. Camping always involved alcohol, tent hookups, ghost stories, tons of food, and a fire to do stupid shit around. Ozzie was practically the king of doing stupid shit (Andie not included, because she wasn't stupid shit). And since Stella would be there, they definitely would be getting into trouble anyway possible.

Since Andie had so graciously volunteered to drive and Ozzie didn't want to be rude (also he was still worried about her leg) (also the law tended to majorly frown upon open containers) he had spent the day as sober as Grace had been her whole life; that is to say, he hadn't had anything to drink. What he and Andie did have, though, was a bottle of vodka with Grace's name written on it. Literally. He had wrote her name on it to make sure no one else drank it because dammit he was going to be an irresponsible parent and get Grace drunk tonight. He needed to see it like he needed air to breathe. Plus, Ozzie was in on Andie's little sneaky invitations to certain people (duh of course he was, he helped plan it) and a small part of him felt bad because he knew his friends would be super uncomfortable. That's where alcohol stepped in, though!

As soon as they got to the campsite, Ozzie went to make himself a drink, but was stopped because he had to put up a tent. Right. Ozzie and Jackson were in charge of one tent, and he tried his absolute hardest to keep him distracted from his main bae and side bae. Ozzie did such a great job at keeping him distracted that it took them way too fucking long to put up the tent. Seriously, it probably took them double the time of everyone else. It was a damn good tent, though.

The fire was roaring but soon Ozzie wouldn't need it to stay warmed up because he was well on his way to getting drunk, as was Andie, because #anzzie. Grace hadn't touched the bottle of vodka yet, but Ozzie had a feeling it would be brought out soon enough by the discomfort she was radiating. Damn, if anything, Ozzie hoped she unwound soon so she didn't kill his buzz.

After singing along to Sweet Caroline, Ozzie watched, mouth open like a damn fish, as Jackson just got up and climbed up a fucking tree. Seriously, dude? Ozzie wanted to fall off his log, honestly. Or somehow shake the tree until he fell out of it and rejoined civilization. Little damn farm monkey, climbing up random trees and shit. Ozzie noticed Grace say something and holy shit she was pouring alcohol THE PARTY JUICES WERE STARTING TO FLOW. She was definitely pouring way to much though and he reached over and stopped her saying, "slow your roll, sister Grace." He honestly couldn't believe this was happening??? Grace Holladay, knocking back--

"It burns!"

Ozzie began laughing so hard he felt like he was going to die. It seemed he got his wish because as he was freaking out, he fell back off the log with a thud. That would hurt in the morning. Looking over to his right, he noticed Andie had also fallen off the log, and he laughed even harder. After she booped him, he reached over and poked her in the side because she couldn't just boop him and not expect there to be consequences.

Hopping up, Ozzie got back to where he was sitting, brushing leaves off his hoodie. Scary stories? Hell yeah, scary stories! "I want you to scare me so bad I'm forced to sleep next to someone all night to keep me safe." Ozzie said, waggling his eyebrows at Andie. Then, glancing up at the tree, Ozzie semi shouted, "Maybe tell one so spooky that Jackson is scared out of his little tree." He needed his friend back down to earth so they could screw around and drink and do campfire things, even if Grace and Aurora were there.

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 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 04:34 PM

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Damn. This was the coolest shit Dahlia had been invited to in a while, and she had Nahnie to thank for that. Chill punk girl who was like two steps away from her aesthetic (action movies and horror movies sometimes overlapped, after all) was one of the coolest things to happen to her since her move to NYC. She was so gonna scare the shit out of these little babies, especially the ones with the guitars. They seemed extra spookceptible.

But, it'd have to wait for the opportune moment, since guitar dude Parker had already started playing some weird song that sounded familiar but she kind of hated it whoops. Anyway. Dahlia thought the tension in the group was because of a shade of fear from being in the middle of nowhere, but unfortunately, little birdie flying up to his nest gave way to true cause of the tension: drama. Aurora was there, and she assumed Grace was too? She assumed it was the cute lil blonde that wasn't Skella.

Honestly, she really just wanted to go exploring. She had brought her lil bag with basically all of her belongings (iPod, skull speaker, ouija board, candles) and was ready to do some dark ass magic in these dark ass woods. Not really. Talking to spirits wasn't necessarily dark. Patricia was cool, after all. But it could conjure up some dark spirits, like maybe someone who had been murdered in the woods? That'd be cool. Dahlia always wanted to meet a murder victim.

Everyone was expecting her to tell a scary story, and she grinned wickedly. "Alright, gonna scare the shit out of you guys." She thought for a moment, then considered. "Actually, maybe we should start out less spooky and build it up. Harper, right? You're in the "story telling" category, I guess? Go." She got up and snuck over to the tree Jackson had climbed up, winking at everyone behind her as she stood half-behind it to conceal herself and floated up, turning intangible and invisible as she went to sc- go comfort a friend.

She rested in the tree behind him, making sure no branches were moving through her before she turned corporeal, with her lips right next to his ears, whispering "boo." It worked, because little birdie jumped, and very nearly fell out of the tree. Holding onto the branch he had been previously sitting on, he managed to pull himself up with an offered hand from Dahlia. "Sup lil birdie? Building a nest?" she asked, grinning at him.

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 Posted: Feb 26 2016, 05:53 PM

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Sienna could name all of the people sitting around the campfire, but she could only safely call three of them her friends. On one side was, thankfully, her roomie, and on her other was Andie. She and Ozzie were already drinking and Sienna felt a liiiiiittle uncomfortable with the underage drinking but she wasn't the least bit surprised. Especially with this group. Sienna was just waiting for the moment she could put her camping expertise to good use. She was sharing a tent with Nahnie and Aurora, and it had been one of the first tents up thanks to their excellent communication skills and teamwork. She'd considered offering some help to Ozzie and Jackson but they were having fun failing miserably and she figured to each their own. Stella seemed to know what she was doing as well and, to her surprise, seemed to be getting along wonderfully with whom Sienna assumed was Eddie. Wasn't their whole thing "opposites attract" and "argues over everything" or was Sienna just really behind? They were Officially Dating now which Sienna supposed explained why they looked so lovey-dovey and maybe they were in the honeymoon stage of their relationship where everything had a nice glow to it. Sienna unfortunately was always in that stage of a relationship which is why she never saw the breakups coming.

ANYWAY, Sienna was already three s'mores in. She had a plate set up on her lap where she was piling the treats up so she could pass them around later. One stack was with extra toasty marshmallows and the other with only slightly golden marshmallows. Sienna took her s'mores making very seriously and she hoped everybody would be happy for the snacks. Grace had brought lots of snacks, sweet and not sweet, which was exactly what Sienna would expect from a Mom Friend. Speaking of Mom Friends, Aurora had brought extra blankets for everybody (but wasn't wearing a jacket and Sienna wondered if she had forgotten one). Sienna was not entirely unaware of the tension between everybody but she figured it was only because they were all very different personality types and it would take a little while to adjust. As far as she knew, Grace and Jackson were fine. Stella looked a little uneasy with Eddie being the only one between her and Jackson and Sienna wondered why because they definitely seemed like best friends given how well they got along during assemblies.

Sienna was basically clueless to everything going on around her.

In the blink of an eye, Jackson had complained of smoke and climbed a tree, Andie and Ozzie had fell over laughing, and Grace's face was red. "Are you okay? " She asked the blonde while Andie and Ozzie laid back, being cute, before Andie sat back up. Sienna could feel Aurora's narrowed stare from here and she could only assume it was because of what Andie had said. What was happening?? Trying to ignore all the glaring going on, Sienna continued making s'mores and waited for a story from Harper. Sienna didn't know her but she was on the Newspaper staff so she must have been talented in storytelling. "Nahnie," Sienna started, leaning towards her roomie and keeping her voice low, "am I missing something, or?" Maybe it wouldn't hurt to get caught up really quick.

 Posted: Feb 27 2016, 12:45 PM

Nahnie was going to kill Andromeda.

This fun weekend was quickly going south. Luckily, cinnamon roll crew (except newspaper girl was definitely drinking, so) was trying to keep everything together, but pretty much everyone else was just giving into the awkward tension. It fucking sucked.

Especially the limber three-year-old they somehow let into Baum, climbing up the tree and avoiding his problems and making them worse as per usual. Grace was drinking and Nahnie would have laughed too if she wasn't so lowkey concerned for her. While Aurora was her moirail, she still thought of Grace as one of her distant cinnamon rolls who needed to be protected. And as for which team she was on? She thought they could both do much better. But that was her and pretty much anyone, except Stellar and Anzzie. They were soulmates, even if Nahnie didn't 100% believe in that crap.

It was all Andromeda's fault for inviting Grace and Jackson, when she knew Aurora was going to be there too. Maybe it was Nahnie's fault for breaking their unofficial mutual restraining order and inviting her in the first place. She thought she'd add to the no-drama atmosphere and bring some great booze. What was she thinking?

Dahlia did indeed ghost the fuck out of there, following Jackson up the tree (Nahnie was at the right angle to see her float up and disappear, but she kept quiet for Sienna's sake, and for the sake of anyone who couldn't handle the spooky ghost powers of the weird homeless girl,) so it looked like newspaper girl was the one to tell a story. "Don't try too hard," Nahnie muttered, normal shade for the newspaper vs. yearbook war, taking a drink out of her emergency vodka flask. She was planning on staying sober, as the oldest one here, and keeping an eye on all these children, but apparently that wasn't going to happen.

Sienna was being as cute and precious as ever, and Nahnie almost died when she asked if she was missing something. "Oh hon," she said, taking her arm and wrapping it around her, pulling her close and whispering into her ear. "Jackson and Grace are on a break, Jackson fucked Aurora, Jackson pushed Stella away in some big fight. Basically your baby daddy is on a big downward spiral." Nahnie knew Sienna and knew she would have no idea what was going on if it were happening right in front of her (no shade, it was something she loved about her roomie), and hoped that that explanation would suffice for now. Granted, she was leaving a lot out, but that would pretty much explain the obvious tension.

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 Posted: Apr 9 2016, 09:53 PM

Things weren't going all. Parker mentally cringed as he finally caught on to the tension coating the air. Attempting to stay out of it, he had a laser focus on the little E string of his guitar. Parker ran his fingers back and forth over it, listening to everything unfold. Where was that bag of marshmallows? All the secondhand embarrassment made him want to stuff his face, and that made him think of that scene in Mean Girls where Janice was describing the tables and one of them was the girls who eat their feelings, and he would definitely be sitting at that table, and he chuckled out loud. Shit, that chuckle was out of place and his brain was back on wanting to eat a bunch of marshmallows.

Chill, dude. Not wanting to seem rude, Parker discretely popped in an earbud (not on Penelope's side, of course) and turned his music on low. Better to low-key focus on that than be tuned in to uncomfortable vibes around the fire. It wasn't silent, but it felt quiet now that he had stopped playing, and Parker was unbelievably uncomfortable with silence. If there wasn't background noise right in his ear, he'd go crazy.

Parker's head shot up as he heard Grace sputtering and went wide eyed. Was Grace drinking? Like, alcohol? There was pretty much no way, that didn't seem like her thing at all. He'd only really talked to her like, once, before, but he had gotten that vibe. Poor thing probably just choked on her drink, was all. That wasn't cool that Andie laughed at her, shouldn't she be making sure Grace was okay from choking??

Wait, he was possibly wrong.Parker realized that guy Jackson wasn't at the fire anymore, and glanced around to realize he was...climbing a tree. Hmm. Well, Parker couldn't really say anything because tree climbing was great and a wonderful way to watch the stars. He didn't really know why Jackson would go alone, but maybe Grace was upset about that, so maybe that was alcohol....Parker was really bad at reading social situations, okay? He nudged Pellie and said "Don't go running away up a tree without taking me with you." Parker didn't mean it to be rude, for real. It was just that if Penelope decided to climb a tree like Jackson had, he wanted to go with her. Or if maybe she wanted to go chill in a hammock. It was pretty much his only way of saying he wouldn't mind some cuddle time without tripping over words and turning into a tomato, so.

Wait, Harper was going to tell a story? Parker instantly perked up and grinned at her, reaching over to poke her. "Dude, I bet you're great with stories! Don't scare me too much, though. I don't know if I'll be able to sleep if you get too spooky." Lowkey/highkey scaredy cat.

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