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 plotting with hedgie, starring: your characters and mine
 Posted: Jun 8 2014, 06:18 PM


nahnie strider is a bit of an enigma. on the one hand, she really couldn't give a flying fuck less about society and people in general - doing what she wants when she wants it and how she wants it. but on the other hand, nahnie's a big fucking softie, allowing certain individuals inside her "punk" exterior, proving herself to be a compassionate and truly loyal friend. she's not easy to approach, so be cautious.

on lovers: lots and lots of them, please. nahnie's one for one night stands, not one for romance. at all. she's completely opposed to any sort of committed relationship, and she's a hard one to impress on that point. meaning no one has done so yet. the key to her heart has been lost long ago, but the key to a bedroom usually includes sharing her same interests, which include but is not limited to: fire, explosives, motorcycles, flowers, leather, and good music (pop punk, alternative, hard rock etc).

on friends: nahnie may seem hard to get to and generally unpleasant, but she's actually a really great friend if she chooses you to be one. usually, if you're a decent person and not a complete asshole, she'll approach you with her spitfire attitude and sheer bluntness as if you've been friends since kindergarten. and if this happens, you're in it for life. it's hard to get rid of her, actually. she has a "don't you DARE touch my babies they are precious and need to be protected at all costs" attitude about some people (usually more timid folk, or people she thinks is timid), a "hey let's blow shit up lol" attitude about others (usually people deemed on her level of punk).

on enemies: stay the fuck away from her if you fall under this category, which can happen by a) being an asshole B) hurting her friends in some way or c) touching her stuff without her permission. she's never one to accept an apology, and can hold a grudge forever until she decided they are forgiven. in fact, if you even try to approach her to apologize, you're subject to her short fuse and even her fists depending on your degree of asshole.

hobbies/things she does: shooshpapping (placing flower crowns on distressed people's heads and asking them what's wrong/trying to comfort them), blowing things up, accidental(ish) arsony, picture-taking, yearbook editing, cosplaying.

usual hangouts: generally anywhere around baum (she's in yearbook, she's always trying to get some good stuff for it), the diner where she works (unfortunately), underground scene, shady places, parks, crime scenes (before they're labeled crime scenes), central park, coney island.

learn more about nahnie here and here.

jackson is one of the easiest people to make friends with. very out-going, funny, and chill about a lot of things. he's one of those 'popular kids', and he's a star at soccer (he's at baum on a soccer scholarship) and is pretty much a celebrity at all the other events too (he along with stella hines is one of the announcers for the sports games he's not a part of). just your regular small-town boy from fairfield, iowa. however, he had a reputation as a romancer and a player - until he started dating his best friend, grace holladay. those rumors subsided until his childhood best friend, aurora rigby, moved to new york. now he's faced with rumors of cheating and it's put a strain on him and his relationships (and with his new promotion, he doesn't have a lot of time to work on these things).

on lovers: he's in a committed relationship with grace holladay at the moment, and despite rumors, he isn't about to cheat on her with anyone. however, he has been in quite a few relationships before, and if you have a lady who goes to baum and you want some angry/awkward/whatever ex-type plot, i'm probably down with it.

on friends: close friends, kind-of friends, i'm-cool-with-that-person friends, you name itr, he's got 'em. he's not too quick to judge people, so he's likely to have friends from any social/economic standpoint (he's poor AF but not a lot of people know this - he doesn't like to talk about it). so if you're like "he can soandso and jackson be friends" it's gonna be a yes.

on enemies: not a lot of these. there will be a want ad for an arch nemesis or two going up soon probably. however, he's bound to be incompatible with some people, so there. he tends to avoid them but knowing his luck they could end up in some cliche awkward situation.

hobbies/things he does: playing soccer, sports announcing, making jokes, evading rumors, trying to reconcile things, managing the flower shop, chatting online

usual hangouts: courtyard at baum, flower shop, barrie sometimes, dorm parties, online forums.

learn more about jackson here and here.

eddie's either the quiet kid sitting all alone or a pretentious bag of dildos, there is no in between. he's p much a genius, but doesn't show it off unless he's challenged to do so. he's more of a planner and a strategizer than an action-taker, and often misses his opportunity to do anything this way. he can usually be found studying in the library (he offers tutoring there on wednesdays), doing some stupid challenge with stella hines, or doing anything academic.

on lovers: HE'S FINALLY DATING STELLA HINES. i say finally because it's been a long time coming for both of them. he's asexual

on friends: he's not exactly the most social of individuals, and he is very much an introvert, but I can see him having some intellectual friends to converse with. he is also very easily roped into friendship as he doesn't really know how to let people down easily.

on enemies: people might resent his intelligence or his pretentious nature, but he wouldn't purposefully do anything to piss someone off. If someone doesn't like him he probably wouldn't realize it unless they did something to let him know.

hobbies/things he does: always attends class, chess in the park, national honor society, homework, loses challenges against stella, tutors on wednesdays

usual hangouts: class, his dorm, the library, wherever stella drags him, sometimes wanders around baum.

learn more about eddie [url=]here and [url=]here.

carley mcintyre is baum academy's it girl. she won her fame by playing volleyball and throwing her chips in with the right crowd, and maybe a few other manipulative tricks the world may never know. she's known for her perfection in fashion, her bubbly and happy-go-lucky attitude, being a party girl, her theatrical talent, and for being twitter famous. but all of that is just part of the front, the bravado she's faking in hopes of it becoming real. carley is actually taking medication for bipolar depression, and has just returned to baum after spending a semester in a mental ward, under close watch, because she attempted suicide. if you notice such things, you'll see that she always wears bracelets on her left wrist or a long sleeve shirt, to cover up an ugly reminder. but as far as everyone but her twin sister finnley knows, she was in a bad car accident, nothing more. carley also has a darker, evil side that she keeps hidden even deeper than her depression.

on lovers: she's got it bad for her best friend, cormac, and has for a while, but it's not unlikely that she would have a long list of ex-lovers (Taylor Swiftβ„’ No copyright infringement intended. Property of TAS LLC Management 2014Β©) from parties, and ex-boyfriends that found her to be clingy and easily jealous. but if you do hook up with her, prepare to be approached by a certain cormac ravenel III. they're in a relationship but it's anything but closed.

on friends: carley's friends are, for the most part, fake. she doesn't actually care about a lot of people, despite what she'd have you believe, though a few she can't live without. so you may think you're her bff when actually, it's probably not true. vapid popular/rich kids are mostly her crowd.

on enemies: carley's a gossip, and a manipulative gossip at that, starting rumours on purpose to get things the way she wants. she'll act innocent and apologize if you confront her about it, and maybe if you're lucky she'll fix things. but don't bet on it. she's also bound to have a few rivals for attention, which is like arch-nemesis status to her. you've started a war, honestly, and be prepared to lose.

hobbies/things she does: parties hard, dresses up, dresses well, shops at the mall, dates rich, smiles, tweets, modeling.

usual hangouts: the mall, the halls at baum, twitter, broadway, the auditorium.

learn more about carley here and here.

penelope's hard to figure out, mainly because she can't figure herself out. since the day her hair started to grow, she's been very very different from her over-achieving, academic/athletic, and dark haired family. they have gone through a cycle of trying to mold her into a true diggory, alienating her, or completely ignoring her - all to no avail. penelope soon realized that she was never going to be like them, so she decided to embrace it. she loves the fine arts - painting, crafting, sculpting, music, etc. some she appreciates more than she actual performs in (like, theatre. girl can't act.) anything creative is her bag, baby. but other than that, she has no idea what she is. she feels like she needs to be defined by something more than her love of fine arts, and there are so many things she's uncertain about within herself. due to this, she's easily roped into doing things, as trying literally everything is her escape from this uncertainty. it's also very dangerous, depending on who's manipulating her.

on lovers: one thing penelope's definitely uncertain about is her sexuality, so pretty much anyone can fall under this category if they want to. she's a yes girl, so. but she has no idea how to flirt with people or even how to ask them if they want to do the frickle frack, so it's all up to someone to hold her hand and walk her through. right now, she has a crush on parker johnson, and they kissed so who knows.

on friends: penelope is not someone who can make her own decisions, so her friends would likely be go-getters who can make decisions for her and not ask her to choose, because if you do, it will literally take hours for her to decide if you don't get frustrated first. she's a little awkward, but easily befriended because she's non-judgemental, despite usually having a lot of questions about things she doesn't understand.

on enemies: she's a sweetheart but is kind of a frustrating person to be around, so i can see people disliking her just because they're annoyed by her. she gets frustrated with people but would never seriously call them her enemy, not ever.

hobbies/things she does: crafting, painting, sculpting, playing guitar, singing, baking, pulling off pinterest ideas, making up ideas and putting them on pinterest, trying new things, trying everything, dissing her family from afar, staying away from her family's shadow, getting lost

usual hangouts: michael's, the courtyard, the common room, the library, anywhere around baum because she got lost again, anywhere around new york city because she got lost again, the band room, art class, etc.

learn more about penelope here and here.

expectation: sweet innocent pure virgin mary girl with her nose always in a book. reality: philosophical sex-joke making sweetheart who probably wouldn't hurt a fly and is still actually a virgin but swears sometimes. if there's one thing jaime is good at, it's love. not romantic love, just love in general. it was her first word, after all. she loves her friends and she loves nature and she loves to party on occasion. she's often labeled as too sweet and innocent to hang at a party but she's sort of hell bent on proving them wrong in the nicest way possible, by trying her hardest to go do these things without going against what people tell her to do. she hardly ever gets angry, but when she does, you better watch out because she'll make literally so many passive aggressive remarks and might pout. she's grieving the loss of a friend currently, but she's not one to really dwell on death because she understands it's a necessary part of life.

on lovers: jaime is in love with one of her closest friends and is trying deeply to not have anyone find out about it but it's kind of obvious. that being said, she''ll still go on dates with other girls but is not really down for anything past second base. she has a purity ring from her days as a little religious sweetheart, but she's not really sure if it still counts considering she's a lesbian.

on friends: she has a really tight group of friends - a "squad", as the kids call it these days - but she is willing to make friends outside the group, of course! they don't alway hang out 24/7. maybe like 22/6. but anyway. she's a sweetie and really different than what you would think by looking at her.

on enemies: an enemy of her friend is her enemy, but other than that, she's really not one to harbor hard feelings. she won't refrain from defending herself if attacked but is very non-confrontational generally all of the time.

hobbies/things she does: hangs out with the squad, reads, spends alone time at the bookstore she works at, walks in the park, she jumps at any mention of a botanical garden, cutesy romantic stuff (watching, reading, participating in, etc. fluff all day every day), friendly philosophical discussions, friendly literary debates, swim team

usual hangouts: book store, pipin' hot tea, central park, botanical gardens, library at baum, common room at baum, anywhere at baum bc she lives there, fancy rich kid parties, her dorm, wherever the squad goes.

learn more about jaime here and here.

andie's a whole barrage of contrasting personality traits. she's defiant and hardly ever listens to what people tell her, but she's kind and will listen at least. she's all talk when it comes to fighting but she could probably take someone down if she really wanted to. she's very clingy when it comes to her friends but doesn't mind personal space when it comes time for it. she is very reasonable about most things but has an almost childish outlook on life and expects life to be one big adventure. she's an athlete, excelling in track and fencing, but when she's not at practice, she's at the computer eating unhealthy foods and playing video games. andie's a little too excitable and almost always overreacts to anything that happens ever, but she's a sweetheart and cares a lot about her friends. andie's just returned from an unexpected backpacking trip across europe with her boyfriend, ozzie, and she's ready to right everything that got all wronged while she was away and get super fucking drunk also (once she gets off the painkillers she has to take for the leg she fucked up).

on lovers: she's currently in a relationship with ozzie wagers, and anzzie is the cutest thing ever probably. they eat food and conquer everything and did i mention they're cute? but she has had boyfriends and flings in the past so if you want to plot that i'm down

on friends: SHE LOVES HER FRIENDS OKA Y so if you're lucky enough to befriend her (which is literally so easy, just give her food or booze), she'll fight to the death for you...

on enemies: ...but if you cross her or her crew, prepare to walk the plank. she's not about people causing trouble on her ship(s) and she'll not tolerate it, not even a little bit. she might confront someone who does this, trying her best to remain calm, and if you make your case well you might redeem yourself, but the plank'll be waiting if you fuck up again.

hobbies/things she does: literally anything having to do with pirates, video games, bootlegging, internet piracy (you wouldn't download a pizza? hell yes she would), track, fencing, shipping, blogging, getting drunk as fuck at any point of the day, partying

usual hangouts: her dorm, the gym, parties, ozzie's dorm, the common room, anywhere there is free food, the cafeteria, gamestop, etc.

learn more about andie here and here.

alright, well, have you heard of that weird homeless girl who lives on baum's roof and sometimes hangs out in the library and the cafeteria and classrooms? that's dahlia. she came here all the way from los angeles after a pretty horrifying event that she doesn't like to talk about. but other horrifying things? that's all she ever talks about. she loves to scare people, much to the chagrin of her friendly spirit casper, who provides her with ghost powers so long as she promises not to use them to scare anyone (which she lies about) (so). she has zero money and a pretty sweet hangout in an old tool shed up on baum's roof, but she's a sweetie and is always welcoming new faces to her ghost squad.

on lovers: she's bisexual and super single, mostly because a lot of people find her really creepy whoops. she's not past hooking up with someone (as long as they're a senior tbh since she's 19 and everything) at a baum party, but other than that, she's chill with the single life but would love a relationship also. she goes with the flow.

on friends: dahlia genuinely likes everyone she meets. like, even the worst people. sure, if they're mean to her, she's probably gonna be like "dude" and back off and never speak to them again, but she really doesn't judge people. she's been judged enough to know how it feels. that being said, keeping friends is hard when they like to do things that require money or like actually showing up to planned events, because dahlia's pretty bad at those things. she's also bad at opening up about the horrifying event that brought her to NYC.

on enemies: WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOSE no but okay, she's probably not a fan of bullies, but what she doesn't know doesn't affect her views on people. so enemies are pretty hard to make for her unless she witnesses them bullying someone innocent and pure, bc wtf in that case.

hobbies/things she does: scaring people, ghost hunting, breaking into haunted houses, chilling on the roof, "begging" for food (which consists of "yo can i have a french fry" and if the answer's no she finds someone else), smoking weed with the roof stoners, #ghostsquad, breaking into rooms and borrowing things

usual hangouts: the roof, baum's cafeteria, baum's library, anywhere potentially haunted, anywhere creepy and dark, anywhere her friends feel like going, soup kitchens, diners that give away soup to the homeless

learn more about dahlia here and here.

alright listen up, because i'm only gonna say this once: this here is chaz. not charles, not cj, definitely not charlie. he gets a bit of a complex when people don't know his name, so remember it. you've probably heard of him anyway. he's one of those popular rich kids of baum, an athlete (lacrosse, wrestling), life of the party, thinks he can get any girl he bats an eye at, your textbook fuckboy. he's got a big secret though, and if anyone finds that out, he'll do anything to keep them quiet. it's that he's into dudes if you gotta know. but don't tell anyone.

on lovers: chaz has only been in two serious relationships in his life, and it was two twins at the same time. one was his best bro kyle, which was a well-kept secret, and the other was with his twin sister kelsie, which was public and pretty much only to keep that secret. anyway. chaz doesn't do relationships. he hooks up, and he's pretty good at it unless he's too fuckin wasted.

on friends: chaz only associates with other athletes and/or rich kids or baum. there's a social hierarchy, you know? stick to the status quo. he's actually a pretty decent friend, though, as much of a dick as he is. he'll be a wingman for any of his bros, if they need it, and he won't touch any girls his friends are into (well... for the most part. if they come onto him, he's not gonna say no). speaking of, he pretty much sucks at having Friends Who Are Girls because he doesn't really respect women as much as he should, though that's mostly just a front. i'd love for him to have a Friend Who Is A Girl that he doesn't just want to fuck though so.

on enemies: chaz is bound to have enemies. if you're not his best bro, and even if you are probably, chaz is mr. steal yo girl. also he's pretty predjudiced against people lower than him on the social ladder. also he's a little bit of a homophobe, but that's only for appearances' sake. he's also not really nice unless he wants to fuck, and even then, it's pretty standard fuckboy behavior.

hobbies/things he does: playing lacrosse, wrestling, partying, hooking up with the ladies, saying "no homo", flirting, listening to pitbull, being a little shit, etc.

usual hangouts: wherever the party's at, his room, baum's gym, the club (of course he's got a fake), wherever there are hot chicks, etc.

learn more about chaz here and here.

lucy is the other new girl this year. she's pretty much kept to herself, since she doesn't really know how high school society works. she was institutionalized for a long part of her life (ages 12-18), so she's been out of touch with the world. her aunt (and legal guardian) has been trying to teach her, but it's a little difficult because lucy sucks at focusing on anything she's not 100% interested in because alice distracts her. her life has been pretty shitty, but she's actually really optimistic that it'll get better from here.

on lovers: lucy faced abuse in the past, and it's hard for her to make this kind of connection to people. she also really hates being touched without permission, and she'll snap at anyone who tries. if anyone wants to get near to her heart in this way, they'll have to work and wait a long time, since she identifies as demisexual. that could change, though, because she hasn't found herself attracted to anyone yet.

on friends: the only people who can call her lulu, lucy isn't necessarily the best at making friends. she'll try to connect, yes, but many find her strange and stay away, especially if they know about where she's been for the past few years. most of her friends are likely outsiders who are strange and/or misunderstood, too. she's kind of bitchy at first, but that's mostly a defense mechanism because it's hard for her to trust anyone.

on enemies: eh, she's bound to piss someone off. she's kind of rude when she doesn't mean to be, corrects people if she thinks they're wrong, snaps at people who annoy her. also if you touch her without her permission, it's gonna be hard to come back from that because you just lost what little trust she probably had for you.

hobbies/things she does: reading, daydreaming, studying, sometimes partying, writing, dressing strangely, singing, correcting people, trying new (dangerous) things (drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc), maintaining her hair, wearing bows (she's obsessed).

usual hangouts: her room, class, the library, the wall at parties, mount sinai's psychiactric center, the courtyard, her own little wonderland, out on the town, tattoo parlors, down the rabbit hole

learn more about lucy here and here.

 Posted: Jun 10 2014, 02:08 PM

    just some reply codes if you want to use them<3 i don't mind if you don't
[dohtml]<link href='|Anaheim|Spirax' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
<style type="text/css">
<br>.characterimage {
-moz-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
-webkit-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
-o-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;

.plotstuff {
-moz-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
-webkit-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
-o-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
opacity: 0;

.plotstuff:hover {
-moz-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
-webkit-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
-o-transition: all 0.9s ease-in-out;
opacity: .9;
<td><div class="characterimage"><div style="width: 200px; height: 200px; background-image: url(; padding: 10px; text-align: center; font-family: spirax; font-size"><div class="plotstuff">
<div style="font-family: anaheim; font-size: 14px; background-color: white; overflow: auto; width: 195px; height: 195px; text-align: justify; padding: 5px;"><B><center>YOUR CHARACTER NAME & MY CHARACTER NAME<HR></center>
plot ideas! you can change the background and put in a 225x225 picture of your character if you wanna. :3 </div></div></div></div></td>

<td><div class="characterimage"><div style="width: 200px; height: 200px; background-image: url(; padding: 10px; text-align: center; font-family: spirax; font-size"><div class="plotstuff">
<div style="font-family: anaheim; font-size: 14px; background-color: white; overflow: auto; width: 195px; height: 195px; text-align: justify; padding: 5px;"><B><center>YOUR CHARACTER NAME & MY CHARACTER NAME<HR></center>
if you want to add more boxes, copy paste everything within the < tr > codes and paste it after the end of the tr code. if that doesn't make sense just ask me <3

 Posted: Jun 17 2014, 09:48 PM

Let's get this show on the road! Sure John may be deaf and a bit of a stick in the mud but that is why he needs to have Nahnie as a friend. She needs to be the one that somehow managed to blow up a hole in his defenses and become his friend. Like I can foresee John glaring at her like "I'm not fucking drinking with you" and her being "like hell you're drinking" and shoves a beer bottle in his mouth and makes him drink and party with her instead of being a bitch boy. Some how between all that they can become good friends they become rather fond of each other Basically I think Nahnie will help pull John out of being a sour anti-social guy..
Not really sure what could go on between these two because I'm pretty sure John might start out as being jealous of Jackson for being friends with Dan. Though I can only assume it wouldn't last too long but John might think he's still a prick being a jock and all. But that would only be his uneducated assumption. Somehow after these two bond over something and become friends (probably due to Grace) I'm sure John will help him with his troubles as much as he can even if it involves money or much of his free time.

 Posted: Jun 18 2014, 09:08 PM

siennahnie!!!! roomies!!!! thrift shoppers!!!! so other than these two being wonderfully beautiful friends, they are also both PRINCESSES!! i mean, sure they have actual princesses livin' in them, but they defs act like royalty too, anyway. i bet they go around calling people 'peasant.' but never heidi. if anything, heidi is queen. actual princesses livin' in them is pretty dang cool. i don't know much about ozma but i know ariel is fascinated by every-freaking-thing so i'm sure she'll hit it off with ozma! i mean... when they do awaken. which is probs a long way off. there's a lot of thread potential with these two! flower crown/shooshpapping, yearbook, adrenaline junkie activities, sleepovers, wreckin havoc at mug shots, etc etc. i'm looking forward to them :3
stellahnie: the ship name that sounds like a noodle when you say it with an italian accent. we discussed these two meeting because of nahnie taking yearbook pictures & loving stella's energy. i think a good way would be if nahnie was making the track page for yearbook? that'd be a pretty easy way for them to meet (pics & interviews & quotes) and then they just find out they are super in sync and decide to hang out elsewhere. stella loves doing things after curfew or during class, whatever will get her in trouble really >:3
uhh hi, youre really cute with your fluffy hair and dumb smile and excellent relationship skills. what d'you mean something happened? yeah right, you and grace are perfect. and i, like, promise i dont mean any harm. i just wanna raise this fake baby with you, ya'know? like, i'm just helpin you on your way to dadhood. have you and grace picked baby names? i really look up to y'all, by the way, when it comes to relationships. you guys are really acing it. OHHH GOD, IT'S CRYING. TAKE IT PLEASE.

basically sienna never shutting up when she's talking to jackson about babies and grace. she ships it hard. she also ships herself and jackson (jacksie yo) but in a totally platonic way. sienna adores him to pieces, he's funny and cute and they work across from each other at the mall! totes perf. totes adorbs. <3

#teamtalkative sports announcers together! i realized stella would probably be really biased while announcing sports (like lee jordan and quidditch L O L) and it'd be up to jackson to make her stop hehe. what with all the graceson/aurackson drama, stella 80% doesnt give a fuck, 20% wishes it would go away 'cause her bro is being a downer. she finds the whole thing funnier than she does tragic but that's because she's a dumb junior who doesnt even know how to relationship. i would love for jackson to tease stella about eddie!!! just like "why are you making fun of me when youve got a mess like that" to which she'll reply "what mess? eddie and mess dont mix"
 Posted: Jun 19 2014, 01:28 PM

johnie is my new brotp. nahnie would totally break him out of his shell, and wow she would probably be a little gruff with him. and though she'd loudly take none of his anti-social bs, she would like him and respect him and consider him a friend and make sure she's facing him when she's calling him bitch boy so he can read her lips just right <3 i just have the whole thing with meeting him at a party as it being the shittiest party ever to nahnie so she goes to talk to that guy who also probably looks like he's not having fun, and hit it off from there.
i could see there being tension because jackson and dan are roomies? i don't know why or how, but i feel like john really wouldn't like him at first. jackson is a bit preoccupied at the moment, so he might not do anything about it, but he'd get a little defensive if there was a confrontation, only because he's irritable at the moment. but he's not into dan, so. i can see grace bringing them together after the stuff blows over, or maybe even dan? we'd have to talk to monica about that. they could most likely be friends eventually. <3

siennahnie oh my god ilove them so much i can't. they probably will call people peasant when they're togeht except for the queen, obviously. i can probably see nahnie trying to give sienna advice with her crushes? like never crush her dreams (hahahaha) but like be her wingwoman or suggest ways to flirt and stuff??? idk man but whatever the heckie is going on with that, they are going to be royals (royals) when they both awaken. it runs in their blood. nahnie's probably gonna be like "HELL YEAH, FUCK YEAH, HELL YEAH" when she finds out they're both princesses like dude. srsly. these two. THESE TWO.
jackson's probably just going to let sienna talk, haha. he'll probably like her a lot at the end of all this baby stress and o gosh, i can see them acting like one of those married parents like "honey, we have to be consistent with them" and idk i feel like jackson will block out graceson thoughts when they're together and make a lot of dad jokes and appreciate everything sienna is and does
stellahnie is the best pasta sounding ship name in the world okay, and i just. i totally remember plotting them now omfg nahnie would get such a kick out of stella and just. i have this thing in mind where she roughs up eddie like "dude, get on that". i actually can see her and aura working together on building the stellar ship. i might start a thread where she interviews her for yearbook and then idk probably ends up inviting her to go illegally shoot off fireworks somewhere after dark. and then nahnie will be like "p sure we met in a chat once" if stella talks about eddie, b/c she was totally there when the whole "punch him in the face softly with your face" thing happened. and she also took a picture of that and filed it under "things i unfortunately can't put in the yearbook". yeah stellahnie is the wildest pasta ever
dude these two would be so much fun sports announcing. i feel like they'd make fun of each other when they're not on speaker, and maybe even when they are. but yeah jackson will be like "yeah uh huh just friends sure i know how that goes" and just basically try to set stellar up. lol i bet jackson would gossip with aura about stellar and tell her everything stella said. (i want aura now, can you tell)
 Posted: Jun 19 2014, 04:30 PM

AMG out of the four, he'd probably tolerate Nahnie cause she's just like him. He loves it when someone is honest and at the same time doesn't give a darn what anyone would think. Since he is bisexual he does go both ways so I'm very sure he'd have her as an one night stand and once his spirit is awakened, expect Dracula to do the same. Heck he probably would've asked her to be one of his Brides ;D well that is if we can't get his Brides here. Or basically one of those he'd probably head to for some good time like friends with benefits. He's a musician so if she likes rock music then woot

But as for the other three, maybe we can think of something for them with our Drac here. heehee Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk I know one thing, he'd still tease him by go "fi fi fo fum I smell the blood of an englishman" LOL
 Posted: Jun 20 2014, 12:11 PM

p much already said all this in the cbox, but nahnie is so into jon, like she'd totally one night stand with him for actually quite a few nights if he was into that. but it would probably get old after a while and she'd be like "nah" eventually, because that's what nahnie does. also she probably wouldn't be into the whole vampire thing. like, that's just not her area. like there is a line and that is p much it.
 Posted: Jun 23 2014, 03:23 PM

I like that hey what about your other three chars though? LOL I know we covered Nahnie.
 Posted: Jun 24 2014, 11:21 PM

Need I say more…CAN WE GET THIS THREAD STARTED AGAIN PLEASE. This was a great thread. Dahnie is the best ship name ever (except possibly Sienahnie). Dan thinks Nahnie is super cool if a little scary. Brilliant things can happen here
Can there be a thread where Dan like accidentally sets their room on fire or something ridiculous I really want that to happen because Dan’s so dumb and like actually what would the two of them even do. Also, I kind of want Jackson to be the first person to figure out Dan’s sick (because sign language=easy communication=easy thread maybe rapid fire?) so this should also be a thing that happens yes.

 Posted: Jul 31 2014, 12:00 PM

gurl here you go also nahnie probably ships johnie, as a side note, just saying
haha they're not roomies anymore according to the residency claim? but jackson could be present as dan sets his room on fire and defs try to put it out, like damn. also we can totally do the rapid fire thread!!!
 Posted: Nov 26 2015, 02:48 AM

hi kelsie still totally has a stupid crush on chaz even though she's hella bitter that he was seeing her twin brother behind her back lmao drama. i can't wait to put her in his open thread, like the reply is just sitting on my computer waiting for you to read it ugh. anyways i'm excite.
i can't wait for them to w(h)ine about cormaz omg. and just i see them having a mutual understanding where carley flirts with chaz and kelsie flirts with cormac when they (the boys) have done something dumb (so frequently) to fuck with them. idk i just want them to be gal pals but like also a little sinister because you know #queenbees.
kelso!!! ok i can't think of anything for them right now idk i just want them to interact i think it'd be hilarious idek. grace just like "omg not another new girl". maybe like they party together and push each other to do stupid drunk stunts?? but then they just kind of awkwardly wave at each other in the hall because they don't know how to interact with each other while sober? idek my brain is dead.
hey nerd remember me >:)
 Posted: Nov 29 2015, 11:43 PM

kelsie for LIFE HONESTLY??? chyle too though anyway i'm literally so excited that you made her and i'm honestly just???? too excited chaz is gonna FREAK THE FUCK OUT when he realizes keslie's back and that he is totally drunk flirting with her but probably not stop drunk flirting with her because she's hot so why would he? but yeah once he sobers up he's gonna realize that the lockwoods being back is gonna spell big trouble for him so he's pretty much her slave until we plot some bit turn-table thing where she owes him her first born or s/t (i have an idea tbh and it involves kelsie getting pregnant or s/t and chaz has to pretend he's the father???? idk tbh it's a baby idea too smol)
carlsie w(h)ine nights are probably going to keep carley sane tbh. i am actually so excited about them using cormaz in reverse to get back at each other, like that was a headcanon made actual canon now and just!!!!! chaz is gonna be so pissed and carley's gonna be lowkey jealous as hell but will keep it lowkey because totally knows kelsie wouldn't ACTUALLY do anything with cormac unless she has a death wish, right? >:)
honestly jackson would probably try to steer clear of kelsie sober, because he does NOT need another rumor on his plate, but drunk jackson doesn't give a SHIT about rumors and will totally do drunk stunts and dance on tables and flirt with kelsie because nothing could go wrong there right
tbh idk how i haven't started a thread with them yet??? eddie's gonna be so salty and lowkey terrified of harper for very irrational reasons. he's probably just been afraid of her since she tried to kiss him tbh bc he's SUCH A FUCKIN NERD but if they get past that (i.e. penelope basically forcing eddie to be nice to harper), i think they would actually get along really well???? but eddie would still be lowkey afraid lmao

 Posted: Nov 30 2015, 12:47 AM

honestly kelsie's gonna have no idea how to act it's gonna be great. i love baby idea already though omg. and once she figures out that she literally has the biggest piece of blackmail against someone ever WOWIE it'll be fantastic. kelsie rebecca more like kelsie REVENGE.
haha yeah no kelsie wants to live long enough to see her first (rich, old) husband die. just pretend flirting for her! cormac totally doesn't comprehend that it's fake though lmao. he's just like "how has carley not killed her yet? wait maybe since they're friends...they want...a threesome??? no way." and then it'll be an even bigger thing for carlsie to laugh about.
drunk table top karaoke i need it.also, rumors? what are those?! ha...ha...ha >_>
i think they could have cute little nerd conversations but harper is too busy laughing her fucking ass off because she's scaring little edgar. let's thread them pls.
 Posted: Dec 2 2015, 03:56 PM

what if nahnie tried to set sienna up with one of her punk friends?? or literally anybody. can that be a thing. aurora doesn't even need to take part (i almost think aurora doesn't want to even try because sienna is hopeless (literally a hopeless romantic) (but also)). we need more fun roommate threads with them. also thrift shopping. what if sienna went along with nahnie one day for illegal funtimes? i know that's a stellahnie thing but what if?? sienna so take pictures / videos and send them to her dad. or to her eldest sister to freak her out. lmao.
uGHHH BABIEESSS. okay but what's gonna happen with them when the project is over?? how long is the project?? when i had a baby simulator project in childhood education, it was only for a weekend.... i can't imagine this being that much longer haha but I WANT IT TO BE!!!! lets be real, a weekend is not long enough.... a private school could totally have different requirements.... right? that or the teacher is The Worst and wants their students to Suffer. "but we have work" "so do all the other single parents out there" "what about homework?" "single parents are going to COLLEGE RIGHT NOW" "we're not in col--" "COLLEGE." also, hanging out during their breaks at work, getting lunch at the food court, OH MAN, THESE TWO WORKING BLACK FRIDAY?? SOS. sienna giving jackson rides back to school after work?? omG YESSS.
okay so track record and fireworks Y E S. now how about nahnie teaching stella how to NOT encourage fuckboys over the internet. "what do you mean you dont know what netflix and chill means" "listen..... i dont netflix or chill on their own why would i know what it means to put them together" IDK. also stellar fake-fighting to give nohra heart attacks. until they real fight but those are sad things that dont need mentioning!!! definitely want nahnie teaching stella how to ride a motorcycle and it either going wonderfully or terribly (probably terribly lbr this is stella we're talking about). speaking of, DANGEROUS VINE STUNTS????? yeah. yes. please.
listen... i.... so did not... sign up for... what is going down... in their thread.... i do not... love to suffer.... and now it's leading to a sort of sad stellar thread anD I DON'T.... SIGHS. IT'S FINE. THIS IS FINE. HAPPY TEAM TALKATIVE WILL BE BACK SOON. I'M SURE OF IT. THEY HAVE TO BE. narrating games and talking about bullshit during the breaks and making jokes during half time and idk i dont know anything about sports but yeah....... cute fun happy jelly things....... not sad crying things.........
okay so now that #OfficialStellar is a thing, aurora needs help with her own love life. not that she would E V E R admit but it's obvious. everybody knows it. ... actually, okay, maybe not everybody bc she probably never mentions it so why would anybody else??? yeah. except she's definitely not fooling anyone with parker... like... the only people who dont know are probably aurora, parker, and penelope... "he's definitely just a friend" "aurora, do NOT make me go through this again, it was bad enough with stellar" also flower crowns and buckET LISTS OH BUCKET LISTS!! THAT'S A THING WE!!! SHIT!!! LET'S GET ON THAT!!!
why do i get the feeling that them talking their feelings out is only going to make things worse?? oh yeah because how could it not, this is aurackson i'm talking about. I CAN'T BELIEVE ALL THE SHIT THAT HAS GONE DOWN??? LITERALLY?? i'm replying to all of your posts on my plot page and your first one was "we need a thread where jackson shows her around nyc" and "an emotional one where they talk about ~the rumor~ and it's serious at first but then they kind of laugh it off" AND HERE WE ARE. how could this happen to aurora, she's made her mistakes....... man, what if she finds out he visited fairfield? WHAT IF more like i'm gonna write A THING. anyway yeah, aurackson feelings and things.
 Posted: Dec 2 2015, 08:44 PM

need these ginger drama buddies in my life like A YEAR AGO WHEN YOU FIRST POSTED IN MY PLOT PAGE ABOUT THEM. they definitely need to totally talk about boys. i posted in sully's plotter about cormac&sienna and sienna obvs has a crush on him and she probably(???) wont act on it. who knows, not me. sienna definitely looks up to carley (and aracelli and emilia) when it comes to drama. like, damn. then again, she did start taking it for fun. i think she's more into photography? idk. (wow two of my babies are into drama and photo, how creative dani, good job). anyWAY YEAH BOYS AND DRAMA (club, not literal drama) (i hope) (sienna is my only girl without drama let's keep it that way)
i dont KNOW WHY I NEVER REPLIED TO THIS I'M SO UPSET. YES. PLEASE. CRAZY ANTIC FRIENDS. sienna doesn't get lost in new york QUITE as much as she used to since she's been at it for like four years now but. sometimes an adventure gets out of hand and she has to magic her way out of it so... that could be fun.... gdi now i'm imagining sienna and penelope getting into trouble and penelope fighting their way out with knitting needles. good bye i need to sleep (this was at one thirty on the morning okay)
still DEFINITELY need these two out on a run in central park before sunrise/at sunset and subtly competing to see who can post the best picture to instagram/twitter only to end up comparing pictures anyway. also stella is offended that carley would get annoyed by her and not show it JUST SHOW IT. actually no dont do that stella cant handle people not liking her (even tho it happens all the time) (she should be used to it by now tbh). oh also it obvs doesnt matter now but stella knowing that carley started the rumor??? #notcool but she ain't gonna act on it so w/e just... there will probs be some inner monolouging.... about it.... from stella OKAY BYE.
OKAY SOS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH????????????? i want the universe where stellope is canon. i need it. but also i dont because any universe where stellar isnt canon just automatically hurts. can't wait for stella to tell penelope that she is the Pageant Girl and for pennie to not make the connection. stella will probably drop it. or search for proof. not sure yet. i'm kind of getting vibes that stella will go to pennie on days where she's just exhausted from whatever is tiring her out and use her as a cuddle buddy. i say 'use' that sounds bad. idk, maybe just stella sitting with pennie while pennie does crafts. or maybe pennie can play with her hair and stella fall asleep bc of it. IDK just cuteness with stellope when stella can't find eddie or just wants to hang out with her bestie?? (all the time obviously but)
ahhh carlora my feels. i love them so. we actually are writing the thread you suggested? sorta? nice. i just... i love the idea of them sharing clothes? i doubt it happens often because aurora would feel rude af but she did borrow one dress for that aurackson thread and THINGS HAPPENED sooo..... although idk even if i settled on that being carley's dress cause idk if she'd wear something like THAT WOW AM I DERAILING. CARLORA. RIGHT. CUTENESS. aurora definitely ships carac but she's staying out of that for now. stellar exhausted her. she needs a break. good thing she doesn't have any other couples to worry about................... oh wait
ha ha y i k e s. their library thread is still wonderful and i want to finish it but idk where it's going. that's up to you obvs cause i think it's your turn? but yeah. uhm. aurora has very conflicting feelings about parkelope which is giving her very conflicting feelings about nellie. so i guess in the mean time she'd grin and bear it and ship them and buy them matching christmas presents. and (i posted this in sully's plotter) pray that stella doesnt invite parkelope to a stellar double date bc that would Officially Kill her. other than that, yeah, yes, these two are cute and CRAFTY can you imagine how much pinterest things they would GET DONE!!!! they could single-handedly decorate the school for the holidays.

BOYS BOYS BOYS BOYS WOOPS. they're just so cute ok gosh can sienna be blamed?? yes, yes she can. she's gonna feel so bad but she of course will immediately ask all about cute girls that jaime likes. because crushes are crushes and sienna would be The Worst wingwoman but that doesn't mean she wouldnt try!!!! actually she probably... shouldnt try... besides that, idk, honestly. like, thrift shopping? would jaime? sienna's definitely not a party person. she's... not really a baum person... at all. OH YKNOW WHAT maybe jaime should go shopping with sienna some day and subtly help her pick out clothes because... jaime is wonderful and fashionable and sienna is.... sienna....
WHAT DO YOU MEAN HER HAIR IS THE COLOR OF BLOOD WHAT HAPPENED IS SHE BLEEDING DOES SHE NEED TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL???????? oh wait you mean.. the... okay... yes... cue sienna turning the color of her hair hehe. thrift shopping with dahlia and sienna!! would be!! so much! FUN!! sienna would buy her all the things tbh. especially things that matched her aesthetic and could totally up the spookiness of her shed. sienna is not down for ghost adventures but idk why?? probably something do with her her mom. actually, if sienna were to find out about dahlia's ghostlyness, she would probably not be able to handle it so maybe... hushhush... other than that YES thrift shopping and trying out all the highly rated (but cheap) food places on yelp! (aka sienna's most used app)
"stella is a sellot for jaime" LMAOOOO. WHY IS THAT SO FUNNY TO ME!!!!! okay but honestly thank GOD for jaime because where the hell would stella be without her???? makeup???? books?? READING???? wow jaime managed to accomplish more in fifteen minutes than eddie did in three years. get your head in the game, eddie. actually i guess that makeup doesnt count but the READING. wow. besides that, i honestly dont know. stella is probably gonna drop the pageant bomb during this whole makeup 101 thing and then Immediately Regret All Life Decisions. and probably run out of the room. as per usual.
stella's face every time she tries and fails at scaring dahlia: >:( she SO MAD. AND SHE'S NOT A SQUIRT!!! THEY THE SAME HEIGHT!! okay but other than that stella likes dahlia a WHOLE LOT. and she will always buy hER FOOD! stella wil buy the food NOT EDDIE. speaking of, i can't wait for stella to (internally begrudgingly) go on #ghostsquad adventures and to bring eddie along. i can't wait for eddie to debunk all of it while stella is concealing, not feeling. she's gonna feel so dumb about telling dahlia her pageant secret after what dahlia told her... dumb and really bad... she'll buy her food for like a month after in some ridiculous attempt to make up for even asking in the first place
JAIMORA!!!!!!!! aurora is not a str8 girl l o l. who knows what she is tbh. an angel descended from heaven who does not understand the ways of romance (that's probably true on some level lbr). anyway yeah jaimora obvs isn't endgame but that doesnt mean they cant have fun?? D: they both deserve it after all the bullshit they've been through. are they gonna talk about hannah when they end up sober at some point? because aurora knows now and even though her filter somehow held steady while she was drunk.... she'll probably worry about jaime... as per usual aurora fashion...
DAHLORA. SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS SEND SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE. sorry, no. the lyrics just... SPOOKY SCARY FRIENDS** except aurora doesnt spook or scare. she just appreicates the spooking and scaring. she probably giggles when dahlia scares anybody. horror movie marathons, graveyard explorations, #ghostsquad adventures, halloween cookies, halloween costumes, halloween trick or treating, halloween gifts for christmas. mAN WOW THESE TWO. i love it. what a beautiful combination of halloween and christmas. #SatanClaus
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