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 Posted: Jun 5 2014, 12:28 AM

This is a section where you can find how-to's. So far it's pretty small. However, if you have questions feel free to post them here. We'll add them to the F.A.Q. and answer them as soon as we can for you!

How do I link accounts?
Log into your OOC-Alias account. At the top, click 'My Controls'. Then in the side click 'Edit Sub Accounts'. Go ahead and put in your account that you want to link, and tah-dah! Always be sure that you are logged into your OOC-Alias account before linking a new account!

How do I add MP3's?
So this one is a little tricky. I prefer to use Search for your song, when you find one, right click the download link and open it in a new window, or copy the location. You need to get a link that ends in .mp3 for it to work. Then you go to profile info and you just paste that link there. Save it, then find one of your posts and hit the play button. It should work. If there's a problem, find an admin!

Can I make the cbox auto-refresh?
For sure! Whenever you load a page, just be sure to click the "refresh" button under the cbox.
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