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 got a secret, can you keep it?, the miller & his daughter | 17
 Posted: Nov 13 2015, 07:41 PM

kyle & kelsie lockwood

MILLER /MILLER'S DAUGHTER • 17 • douglas booth & sasha pieterse
secrets, blackmail, twins loving the same person, whoops

So, this situation is heavily described in Chaz's app, but I'll go ahead and explain it here.

Basically, freshman year, Kyle and Chaz were roommates and became best bros. They both grew up rich and in much sunnier places (I said Kyle was from Malibu, but you can change that if you want, just maybe not make it Miami). Chaz was Kyle's wingman, and Kyle was Chaz's, and they had a textbook bromance. Only, it kind of turned into a romance. Due to societal pressures from the fact that they were dude's dudes and from prominent, rich families that might have disowned them if they found out, they kept that aspect a secret, making sure to pay extra attention to the ladies, you know, to keep up appearances. And they kept it surprisingly well from the gossipmongers at Baum, that is, until Kyle's twin sister Kelsie walked in on them kissing.

I kind of pictured Kelsie as having a crush on Chaz, but that's just my headcanon and defs doesn't have to be a thing. But basically Chaz charmed his way out of Kelsie telling everyone by convincing her they were just drunk and Chaz really liked Kelsie. Which might have been a tiny bit true, but in any case, he started dating Kelsie seriously, which was a big step for him considering he had never had a serious relationship before, for fear of being 'whipped'. But the only person he was whipped by was Kyle, who he was still with on the downlow.

Chaz, like an idiot, invited both of them to Thanksgiving dinner that year, with his parents, since theirs were out of the country on business. The dinner was going fine until Kelsie couldn't take it anymore. Chaz and Kyle were eyeing each other and flirting across the table, and I can guarantee she definitely probably still suspected something was up, so she kind of blurted out an accusation that Kyle and Chaz were still dating. Right in front of Chaz's parents.

Chaz's father made a few calls and they were sent away, back to Malibu. Cleaning up messes is the Warren specialty. Chaz hasn't heard from them since, and he has gotten over both of them, keeping his attraction to men a secret.

But Chaz really needs a reality check, so I'm putting up this want ad to cause trouble in his life bc he's a fuckboy and he deserves it. You can decide how Kyle and Kelsie feel about him after all these years, how they've dealt with it, pretty much anything. I chose the face claims randomly, so you can change them (though Taron Egerton and Douglas Booth do have a few pictures together), but I do kind of like them. Sasha has gifs like this and this, which I dig, and Douglas just fits that YA dreamboat look I pictured him having, exhibit a, exhibit b, bonus.

p.s. look at how cute they are this is my favorite picture
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