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skin made for ouac by hedgie
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 The plot
 Posted: Jun 3 2014, 01:07 PM

Once Upon A City

Fairy-tales, literature, folklore, fables. Stories have been told since the dawn of humanity, and have influenced out society in ways that nothing else could. It was a way of bringing people together, of making them have universal feeling. This influence has not died out.

In fact, it's gotten a lot stronger.

For a mysterious reason, characters from these beloved tales have come to life, manifesting within real people and remaining dormant until something triggers them, awakens them. How each person deals with the character or each character deals with the person is unique. The character's intentions are unclear and vary greatly. But with heroes and villains running around New York City, it's only a matter of time before the stories themselves become a reality.

Once upon a city, these characters attempt to make their own happliy ever after. And only one thing is certain: New York will never be the same again.

Made by CHRISTO.@CAUTION 2.0. Steal and a giant swarm of vampire bats that contain a deadly virus will come and swoop into your room when you are sleeping and bite you. :3
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